The element14 (http://element14.com) hack camp at #MTFBerlin saw some fantastic creativity and innovation, and it comes as no surprise to us that all of the major winners used the #MusicBricks (https://musicbricks.net) tools in their projects. The combination of APIs, GUIs and TUIs - ranging from pitch detection and zero-configuration mobile music tempo sync to gesture-driven microboards - provides creative developers and makers with a powerful set of open and interoperable technologies.

We’re really excited to welcome two new members of the #MusicBricks family…



Musimap is an incredibly powerful music recommendation engine. The granular and proprietary database includes over 3 billion data points, 2 billion relations, and will soon include comprehensive information about over 50 million songs. Its neural music network combines in-depth human curation and the latest AI technologies to engineer a multi-layered system of interconnections, applying 55 weighted parameters to each recording.

In addition to BPM annotations and hundreds of genres, the API makes sense of hundreds of nuances of emotions, understands them in over 100 different contexts and interprets their complexity through an extensive lexicology of over 11,000 keywords - an unmatched level of semantic clustering.

Musimap allows semi-automated and self-learning real-time personalized recommendation, search engine (including song-based search by sound-alikes), curation, navigation and discovery.

“Musimap is excited to contribute to #MusicBricks’ mission to bring state-of-the-art ICT to creative SMEs and develop novel business models. It’s especially interesting to us because it bridges research and industry, bringing some of Europe’s best brains together with practical know-how.” - Vincent Favrat, CEO.



Synaesthesia is the neurological phenomenon that interconnects different senses. Flavours are experienced as light, textures as tastes. The Synaesthesia application is a mobile GUI that turns colour into sound and music.

Using the phone’s camera, the app scans and recognises a colour block - for instance, the colour of your friend’s t-shirt - to find a musical loop or sound. The app allows users to perform collaboratively, lock sounds to loop, shake to create beats and tilt to change pitch.

Synaesthesia is a colour detection tool triggering and controlling audio. Based on OpenCV it includes a colour detection engine and object tracking algorithm to control music and sound using plain colours or coloured objects. Using the camera it can trigger musical events. It includes an example app with a dedicated GUI and is available for OSX and iOS.

Originally created by Stromatolite for the Music Tech Fest, and winner of the NEM Art Prize for “Art Meets Science” (Istanbul, 2012), the tool has been opened and released on Github as open innovation and is now integrated into the #MusicBricks toolkit.