I expect you know someone who has some programming skills. Perhaps someone with a bit of experience with EEG brain-computer interfaces. I imagine that person would probably enjoy going to live for a while in Portugal and enjoy some neurotechnology work in the beautiful, sunny city of Porto with some brilliant members of the Music Tech Fest family.

We’ve just published the final public report for the #MusicBricks project and the results have been pretty spectacular. Its legacy has been to create some exciting new ventures and projects, not the least of which is the establishment of #MusicBricks as a commercial organisation that will continue the work of the funded project and bring the toolkit to more people. There’s also a patent in the works, some fantastic new startups - and some of the people involved have just launched a brand new European funded project about creativity, serious games - and the democratisation of neural feedback technologies.

Neurobica is run by members of the #FindingSomethingBondingSound team. They’re looking for a couple of programmers to join them in Porto to make people’s lives better through technology and creativity. Someone to do Machine Learning and Feature Extraction programming, and someone on C++ for EEG signal processing.

Sound like someone you know? Put them in touch: neurobios@gmail.com