Music Tech Fest is coming to Genoa, Italy as part of the Orientamenti fair next week. Orientamenti celebrates and shapes the future of learning, bringing together Europe’s top innovators in technology with teachers and the next generation of learners.

#MTFSatellite events take modular components of the overall Music Tech Fest experience and run them independently, or embed them within other music, technology, education and innovation events around the world. We bring members of the MTF Community together to share their knowledge, their skills and their creativity in our unique way: blending art and science, academia and industry.

We’ll be running an #MTFSparks workshop for teen hackers at Orientamenti - creating new musical instruments with Arduino / Genuino microboards, electronics, coding and conductive jelly.

#MTFSparks gives young inventors new opportunities to design and create their own musical instruments and to explore coding, sound and physics in creative ways.

We’re very lucky to be joined by some brilliant members of the MTF family: musical inventor and hacker Tom Fox, multimedia artist Andrea Santini, technologist Stefano Piermatteo, digital entrepreneur Matthias Strobel, sound designer Andrea Cerrato and #MTFSparks inventor alumnus Alexander Allen.

In addition, MTF founder Michela Magas will be presenting a keynote: “Creativity as driver of innovation” and taking part in a Round Table discussing “Innovation, Culture, Show, Creativity: new professions in Europa”.

We’re looking forward to being part of Orientamenti in Genoa - and to launching the first of our #MTFSatellite events that will run between the full MTF festivals at different places around the world.

We’ll be keeping you up to date with images, video and updates from the event across all our social media channels. Look for #MTFSatellite, #MTFSparks and #Orientamenti in your feed, and be sure to add us on TwitterFacebookand Instagram.

For more about #MTFSparks, check out these short videos - and you can learn more about our #MTFSatellite: Genoa.