Everything created at #MTF gets to have a life beyond the festival. Hot on the heels of the announcement that the Stockholm #MTFLabs project “LoopFree” has just won the KTH Innovation Challenge Proof of Concept Funding, #MTFLabs goes to Germany to evolve further!

You will find us at the legendary ZKM in Karlsruhe doing a 24-hour intervention (technically 25-hour) from 18:00 on Saturday, 27th of October, until 18:00 on Sunday 28th, taking forward a bunch of awesome projects and collaborations from #MTF Stockholm, through performance, hacking and experimentation.

#MTFLabs@ZKM will occupy the current Open Codes II: The World as a Field of Data, using all kinds of datasets and devices as the artist’s ‘toolkit’.

Throughout the night this unique collaborative intervention will involve audiences to hook their brain into space data simulators and interact with sound distorted by the Moon. Completely new datasets and artworks will be generated live and added to the exhibition which runs until January 2019.

The intervention will combine music with space data, neuroscience, DNA research, visual art and performance, using a unique toolkit of #MTFLabs data-driven tools and devices, compiled specially for ZKM:

  • The German Music Tech Toolkit assembled by Music Tech Germany, including contributions from Fraunhofer IDMT, Bitwig, DadaMachines, Lofelt, Beatport, Soundbrenner, and Marble AR, with guest participation by Jürgen Moßgraber (Bitwig), Johannes Lohbihler (DaDa machines), and Tom Brückner (Marble AR).
  • The MoonBounce dataset of sound bounced off the moon in real time by a long list of globally known artists and scientists from the Dwingeloo Telescope in the Netherlands, led by Artist-in-Residence Martine-Nicole Rojina (DE)
  • The Synchronica simulator of planetary-human frequencies created with space data by a transdisciplinary team of 9 artists and scientists lead by artist Johanna Tano (SE), with Re Cvetana (BG), Mike von Paul (TX), Lubna Dajani (NY), Sonja Durajlija Zinic (HR), Panos Apostolakis (GR), and Muarts (PT -Francisco Marques-Teixeira, Horácio Tomé-Marques and Luis Anjos).
  • The Time Flows dataset synthesizing 5000+ bell sounds based on physical modelling by artist Andrea Cerrato (IT)
  • Tangible User Interfaces created by VR artist, device and projection mapping programmer Stefano Piermatteo (IT)
  • The Gravity Synth, created by multimedia artist Leon Trimble (UK) and driven by a Michelson Interferometer built by University of Birmingham gravitational wave physicists.

The labs will be led by #MTFLabs creative director and founder Michela Magas (UK/HR/SE) and #MTF director Andrew Dubber (UK/NZ/SE) in partnership with Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music (US/DE).

#MTFLabs@ZKM started as a group of 7 MTFers but has already grown to 22. If you feel like joining in get yourself over to Karlsruhe - access is FREE!

See you @ZKM!


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