#MTFLabs Vocal Tech

“The human voice is a powerful instrument, whose potential many of us rarely explore. Our voices allow us to communicate our thoughts in complex ways, beyond just the words which are chosen. The way in which our words are spoken - the tone, fluctuations, the subtle pauses - all of these are part of this complex vocal expression. The human voice is capable of creating so many unique sounds, and yet the range of sounds most humans will use in their lifetime is incredibly small in comparison.” - Ginger Leigh

In Spring 2016, an extraordinary gathering of creative coders, visual artists and vocal experts assembled at Music Tech Fest in Berlin, forming the first crossdisciplinary #MTFLabs: Vocal Tech.

The aim of the MTF vocal tech lab is to explore new technologies responding to, interpreting and shaping the expressive power of the human voice. A multi-day laboratory brings together a range of artists and innovators to experiment and explore at the edges of current technologies, with the results forming a spectacular multimedia performance on the main stage of the festival.

The first #MTFLabs: Vocal Tech was directed by experimental vocalist Harry Yeff (aka Reeps One), and featured Mercury Prize nominee Eska, Grace Savage, and other artists and creatives. The resulting presentation on the main stage was a highlight of the festival. The laboratory’s 72 hours of ideation was retold as a multimedia performance, weaving prototype demonstration in among breathtaking vocal evocations by a chain of expert and award-winning vocalists attending the festival.

Writer Anastasia Niedinger has contributed ‘It’s Time To Talk About The Voice’ - an article exploring in more depth the technologies, ideas and innovators of the #MTFLabs: Vocal Tech that took place as part of #MTFBerlin in May 2016.