Teens from the morning’s #MTFSparks session showcase their creations on the main festival stage, after a morning of inventing, learning physical computing and music skills with education experts.


SABRE BY AIR CRAFT (UK) Air Craft technologies use the motions sensors in mobile devices to create new kinds of musical instruments, ones which merge the dynamic feel and performance energy of traditional instruments with the limitless possibilities in digital music. The soon-to-be-released flagship product, the AC Sabre, is an iPhone-based, wireless MIDI controller designed for expressive performance and composition.


Hari Karam Singh

VULPESTRUMENTS (UK) A demonstration of simple but effective DIY instruments and a new instrument prototype for a one handed violin.


Tom Fox

#MTFLABS: BLOCKCHAIN DEMO Blockchain Labs have been taking place with Imogen Heap, Vinay Gupta, Benji Rogers, Soundcloud, Berklee ICE, Ujo, Ascribe. Facilitated by Peter Harris and Petter Ericson who will present the results.

KONTRAKTION (GERMANY) ‘Kontraktion’ is an embodied musical interface using biosignals to create a sonic performance setup. Utilizing the newly adopted awareness of his body the user can take control of the sound and perform with it using the metagestures of his body as an embodied interface.


Maximilian Weber

STRISO (NETHERLANDS) The Striso is an entirely new musical instrument. It is intuitive to play, has its own distinct and very versatile sound, and combines the possibilities of electronic with the experience of an acoustic instrument. During this demonstration you’ll be introduced to the broad range of musical possibilities and the ideas that led to the development of this instrument.


Piers Titus van der Torren

CONJUNKTION (UK) ConJunkTion create sound and movement with found objects, shattering the boundaries of modern dance and music.


Cos Chapman, Sofia Figueiredo, Joanne Fisher-Roberts


SONØR - a new instrument exploring hidden timbres in everyday objects.


Johannes Wernicke

THE RAYDETECTIONGUN (GERMANY) The Raydetectiongun, invented by the artist Bernd Deckers, turns invisible electromagnetic radiation into audible sounds. It hums and buzzes - rhythmic clicks and pulsed dark basses are now recordable. A device between an instrument and an artistic sound project.


Bernd Deckers

AUDIOCOMPUTER (GERMANY) Audiocomputer- the portable, hackable music machine by Servando Barreiro.


Servando Barreiro

LIZZY (GERMANY) LIZZY - a freaky Robo-Drum-Act, that brings life to electronic music.

A human drumset, Lizzy transforms her virtuosic drumming into a magic world of innovative rhythm and sound.

With Midi Pads sticked on her body and sensors under her heels; if she wasn’t connected by wires and Midi Pads she would take off at any moment.


Lizzy Scharnofske


DOMINICK GRAY (GERMANY) Dominick Gray presents a unique multimedia performance incorporating live drumming, electronic music, and video projection to produce a a full sensory experience.


Dominick Gray

MICROTUNA (ISRAEL / PALESTINE) Microtuna is a group of social hacktivists & Music Technology professionals whose goal is to change the experience of producing Micro-electronic music. Micro-electro (as they like to call it) is an emerging new Genre of electronic music that combines futuristic sound with ancient traditional tunings.

Run Dreamer & Biko

MEMORY SHOT (RUSSIA) Curatorial duo Alex & Marina premiere their new work“Memory Shot (Valya) at #MTFBerlin.


Alexander Grigoryev & Marina Kirilina

POWDER BOX (JAPAN) A wireless modular synthesiser system. “POWDER BOX” lets you play music with your movements, synchronise your sounds and play together.


Yoshihito Nakanishi

BLAM FOR MINECRAFT (USA) What would it be like to climb inside a working musical instrument? What happens when you combine pigs, sheep, and TNT with modular synthesisers? Now you can find out with Blam for Minecraft. Explore the widely popular video game with major enhancements for making music.


Aaron Higgins


Water Drops is a six-hour ambient musical work composed in the Istrian Scale, using a generative system, presented as an intelligent and sensitive environmental work with functional and aesthetic characteristics.


Robin Rimbaud


WINTER OF ’82 - THE GLOVES ARE ON (UK) Winter Of ’82 is the musical adventure of songwriter/technologist Kris Halpin, who works with Imogen Heap’s revolutionary mi.mu gloves. Kris has Cerebral Palsy; he uses the gloves to overcome access barriers to traditional instruments. Taking a groundbreaking approach to the one man band concept, Kris uses this gestural interface to create complex, emotive musical arrangements in real time.


Kris Halpin

FLOCKOMANIA (UK) Award winning jewellery artist Zoe Robertson blends the world of contemporary jewellery art with music, sound, dance and movement. She’s coming to #MTFBerlin to explore interactive performance and ‘Music as Extension of the Human Body’.


Zoe Robertson, Natalie Garrett Brown, Amy Voris, Steve Snell

ICH BIN (UK) Matt Black is half of legendary DJ duo and multimedia pop group Coldcut, formed in 1987, and founders of Ninja Tune, the UK record label. He joins us with visualist Dario Jurelli at #MTFBerlin to perform a short extract from a new audiovisual composition, ‘Ich Bin’. The full version will be performed at #MTFLates, later in the evening.


Matt Black, Dario Jurally, Dinaz Stafford

SOUND STEPS (NETHERLANDS) Sound Steps is a pair of multi-tech shoes that interact with the wearer to allow them to create sounds and music through their own movements.


Ricardo O’Nascimento

#B.O.M.B. (GERMANY) #B.O.M.B. is an audio visual show combining uncompromising luscious hard sound & musical vision, and dynamic warm visuals based on scans of hand-made and found objects. The sync element is based on intuitive communication between the two artists.


Rona Geffen, Elizabeth Laplace, Alma Alloro

GRAHAM DUNNING: MECHANICAL TECHNO (UK) A ramshackle machine built on a single turntable functions as a rotating sequencer, playing organic, rhythmical electronic music from locked grooves, mechanical percussion and clumsily triggered synths. Part live demonstration, part dub mixdown.


Graham Dunning


FUSED MUSIC PRESENTS DJ HOT SOX (UK) Fused Music presents DJ HOT SOX DJing goth punk and industrial tunes direct from the Royal Hospital of Neurodisability in London. DJ HOT SOX’s real name is Richard Bennett - a music lover and Biochemist with locked-in-syndrome. The DJ HOT SOX team at the RHND include Rebecca Colclasure - (www.fusedmusic.org) , Dante Rossi - (IT) and Helen Paterson - (Speech and language Therapist).

Rebecca Colclasure in Berlin & DJ HOT SOX in London

WHITE MATTER POWERED BY #FINDINGSOMETHINGBONDINGSOUND (PORTUGAL/FINLAND) A neurofeedback interactive audiovisual performance between the mind and the body. The team hack the brain and the body, translating their activity into a creative set of sounds and images to reveal our deepest feelings, emotions and intentions.


Francisco Marques-Teixeir, Horacio Tome-Marques, Fanni Fazakas

INVOLUNTARY MUSICIANS - HAKAN LIDBO (SWEDEN) There is one group of people that always will be excluded from making music; those who don’t want to play. By inducing electricity into people’s muscles I force them to play against their will. And with a specially built midi-interface I make people play together with my music - even if they don’t want to.


Håkan Lidbo

REEPS ONE AND #MTFLABS:VOCAL TECH Legendary experimental vocalist Reeps One, facilitates #MTFLabs:Vocal Tech bringing together beatboxing champions, visual artists, and leading developers - now Reeps and the team present their results.


Reeps One and team


Mercury Prize nominee ESKA will be forming collaborations, invent new types of musical instruments and experiment in the giant creative laboratory that is Music Tech Fest. Vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eska Mtungwazi was declared to be “one of the most important singers in the UK right now” by legendary DJ and label owner Gilles Peterson. She also happens to be something of a music hacker - experimenting with new ideas and putting together strange combinations of musical instruments alongside found and cheap objects. ESKA will perform a specially-created performance for #MTFBerlin.



ECCE CELLO (GERMANY) Ecce Cello bridges the gap between classical music and the technological world of everyday life in 2016. An incredible theatrical performance that places our daily media experiences into the realm of the sublime.


David Fernandez, Maureen Lopez, Ladis Cinzek, Mohamed Aljawad