Music Tech Fest is the Festival of Music Ideas. It’s an experimental and improvisational space where ideas are showcased, performed, demonstrated and discussed. It’s a place where musicians and hackers come together to collaborate and try things out. It’s about sharing your idea with a community. It’s a place where industry and academics, artists and technologists come together to both celebrate and invent the future of music.

As well as the main festival stage, we also run a 24-hour hack camp where our hackers are challenged to create new types of instruments, performance interfaces and musical experiences and all those get performed on stage on Sunday. RS Components are supplying Arduinos, Raspberri Pi-s etc for hackers to work with and also set some challenges (e.g. musical wearables for performance, musical stage environments etc). We have also been working with the Stephen Fry / Penguin Books ‘YourFry’ campaign and turning his audio recordings into music. All the hacks are going for the grand YourFry prize which is judged by Stephen Fry and Tim Berners-Lee.

At IRCAM, Centre Pompidou, the festival will feature some fantastic artists and innovators showcasing and performing their projects. We want to ensure all of the great ideas from IRCAM and the Paris music tech startup community are demoed / performed on stage.

The festival is filmed and streamed live online to audiences in over 70 countries and all professionally edited videos of presentations are made available for sharing and embedding.


Friday, 21st:   6 PM - 10 PM
Saturday, 22nd: 2 PM - 10 PM
Sunday, 23rd:   4 PM - 10 PM
24 hours hackathon starts on saturday 2 PM

You want to participate? Just drop a mail to: —> dubber@mtflabs.net

Participant list will follow soon!