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At MTF we are all about democratising AI innovation. This is why we are thrilled to announce that in October MTF is landing in the thriving Örebro AI Innovation Ecosystem with HUMANS IN DA LOOP. 

We are bringing select experts from the global MTF community to address strategic applications of AI in partnership with the new AI Impact Lab at Örebro University led by its star of AI research, Professor Amy Loutfi, newly appointed pro-vice-chancellor for AI.

The AI Impact Lab in Örebro is set as an environment for knowledge transfer within AI for all sectors and areas of knowledge, regardless of their background or subject area. It builds on a remarkable track record of the AASS, Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems, where there are some 50 researchers working today, and on AI.MEE, a collaboration with the Alfred Nobel Science Park, where companies can develop and test technical solutions within AI.

“The future of AI is collaborative. It is not about AI vs human, but AI+human. How can AI help to enhance our capabilities? This is the core of our theme. The process of looping is highly mechanical but by putting humans in the loop we can get very creative,” says Amy Loutfi.

MTF will showcase a series of AI and human-centric projects which have addressed essential challenges such as communication and accessibility, and use those as a starting point for further exploration of collaborative and human-centric AI: the groundbreaking natural networks of Dadabots in collaboration with Reeps One and Drumcorps, the award winning LoopFree accessibility project with DJ Arthro, and AccentsInMotion creating a system for Dance AI.

We are being joined by a few friends from industry with the aim to find various industry applications from this experimental research into system design.

MTF Trackathon

Where there’s innovation, there’s culture. In parallel to the MTF Labs, we’ll be working with Jan Sparby and his team at the School of Music to run the MTF Trackathon. MTF regular and electronic music pioneer Graham Massey (808 State) will join MTF Director Andrew Dubber to challenge producers, songwriters and artists to create a song in 24 hours with the help of other special guest producers who’ll also pop in to give their advice and tips.

As it happens, 808 State have a new album out that same week (their first in 17 years), and Graham will be celebrating at MTF with a short solo live set as well as a collaborative improvisation featuring local musicians. 

MTF is excited to join these dots and bring the MTF innovator community to Örebro.