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Final Ensemble Performance: Sub-Littoral Mud

An audio-visual piece performed by 15 musicians and 5 visual artists, in six distinct movements.

This performance is inspired by the Marine Ecosystem Service Optimisation (MESO) scientific model of Carr, Keen, Pegg & Tillin (2018) using sound and images to express an underlying Bayesian Belief Network. This network maps human pressures through ecosystem processes to model the effect these have in ecosystem services. Ecosystem services define the benefits provided to us, humans, by a natural ecosystem. Sub Littoral Mud is the dominant habitat of the lagoon and Salinas in Aveiro. It references the fine-grain sediment of this low energy estuarine environment. By interpreting some of the model’s parameters from an artistic perspective, this performance merges two complementary narratives, sound and image, seeking to represent how the Aveiro lagoon’s water ecosystem is impacted by human activities. The piece consists of six movements: Baseline lagoon, Habitat changes, Extractive activities, Physical changes, Contamination, and Cataclysm.

Images captured in the location during the week were combined with archival film from the legacy of Aveiro filmmaker Vasco Afonso Branco. As part of the process, both sound and visuals were produced separately as two distinct, yet complementary narratives responding to the same model and structure, meeting for the first time at the time of the performance. By envisioning future scenarios, we can plan for the recovery and sustainable management of fragile habitats, yet of vital importance, for the benefit of human and non-human inhabitants.

The Performance


  • Ed Rocha Gonçalves - Behringer Deepmind 6, Moog Minitaur
  • Moullinex - Moog Grandmother, Soma lab LYRA-8
  • Surma - FX pedals, Theremin
  • Klin Klop - A V A violin, Line 6 Helix


  • João Pedro Cardielos - Ableton Live, Novation Launchkey mini
  • Dinis Mota - Fender Stratocaster American Special
  • Madeleine Wöbbe - Lyrics


  • Gonçalo Guiomar - Ableton Live, Earthquaker devices pedals
  • Guilherme Martins - Brain Drum, hand-built sequencer
  • Konstantino Damianakis - Ableton Live
  • Luís Xandy Anjos - Mindwave Mobile headset, Korg Kaossilator


Nestor Peixoto - Vocals, hand-built kinetic pedal, Traktor scratch pro


  • Rui Maia - AKAI MPC Live
  • João Melo - Eurorack modular system
  • Mandi Chen - spoken word


All performers playing simultaneously.

Visuals for all movements performed by:

  • Pedro Carvalho de Almeida - Art direction, microscope video, handwriting and title design
  • Petra Naydenov - Photography and video editing, production, live VJing
  • Pedro Ferreira - Video manipulation, live VJing
  • Bita Bordbar - Photography and video editing
  • Benham Dayyan - Photography and video

Archival film excerpts from the documentary “O espelho da cidade” by Vasco Afonso Branco (1961) courtesy of Hugo Branco at VIC, Aveiro. All visuals were composed on Resolume Avenue 6 and performed live.

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