It’s time to move forward again. We don’t predict the future, we invent it.

This October, in the city of Aveiro, Portugal - the coastal “gathering place of the birds” - a small and carefully curated group of experts from the MTF community will assemble to collaborate, experiment and plan how we are now going to invent new, sustainable, just and equitable worlds. Here’s your opportunity to be part of that.

Music, performance and creativity will form the centrepiece for cross-disciplinary technological innovation that brings together AI, neuroscience, clean energy tech, space data, marine biology, electronics and more, to find hybrid solutions to some of the most important challenges that face our world today.

It is all part of the Aveiro Tech City strategy to build a culture which embraces experts from various disciplines, and provides STEAM education to young sparks. We are teaming up to invent Another Green World, in a beautiful and historic city with progressive leadership and long-term ambitions.

MTF Labs Aveiro: 12-17 October 2020
Working Monday to Friday with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies provided by industry and academic partners, this 5-day invitation-only innovation prototyping event will be creating new hybrid technologies that bring together ideas and tools from different industry sectors, respond to grand challenges and initiate new projects and collaborations. It will culminate with a première performance of newly created works and a live experience for invited audiences. For more information, and to register your interest in participating in MTF Labs, visit https://www.aveirotechcity.pt/en/activities/mtf/mtf-labs

MTF Sparks Aveiro: 16 October 2020
Music is a fantastic way to teach engineering, design, coding and technical skills to young innovators, and experiential narrative is invaluable in communicating environmental issues and inspiring positive action. MTF Sparks Aveiro is a creative lab that explores sound, physical computing, creativity, science and making with young sparks from local schools, guided by specialist experts and run in a way that is fun and engaging - as well as being educational. They will not only learn about digital technologies and the physical properties of sound, they will build new inventions that address grand challenges, create stories around those technologies and perform with them live on stage. For more information about MTF Sparks Aveiro, visit https://www.aveirotechcity.pt/en/activities/mtf/mtf-sparks

MTF Video Production Open Call
#MTFAveiro’s Open Call for Video Production invites aspiring creative practitioners and independent production companies with links to Aveiro to capture and tell the story of these events in a unique and inspiring way. MTF welcomes local creative practitioners into the global MTF community and invites submissions from teams that include at least one Aveiro citizen, resident or international with roots in the city to join the Labs and Sparks activities in October. For more information about the video production open call and to apply by 30th August 2020, visit https://www.aveirotechcity.pt/en/activities/mtf/mtf-open-call

If you want to be part of #MTFAveiro - or any of our other upcoming events and activities - make sure you register (or update your details) - at https://mtflabs.net/register

NOTE: #MTFAveiro is subject to potential travel restrictions and a changing public health situation. We are monitoring this closely because the safety and wellbeing of the community is of the utmost importance. Preparations have been made in case it is necessary to run elements or the entirety of #MTFAveiro remotely.

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