This weekend (21-23 November), musicians, hackers, and visitors will turn IRCAM at the Centre Pompidou into a creative playground for experimentation with new music technologies and new ideas for music performance.

Everything is allowed: hacking into existing controllers, collaborating with professional musicians, experimenting with new ideas in situ, impromptu jumping onto the stage. The Music Tech Fest “Gunk” (Geek Punk) ethos is all about being totally hands-on with technology, rough and ready with noise making, and experimental with the immediacy of self-expression. MTF does not encourage smoothing over cracks, fixing it in the mix, or autotuning. Nothing is a mistake and there are no rehearsals. But you can expect a few surprises…

Entry is free - but places are limited.

Attend MTF Paris as an audience member

Get involved as a Music Hacker or Maker

Join the Women in Tech Ghack Web Audio Workshop

Highlights include:

Myriam Bleau / Ultrasonic / Mogees / Scanner / Ezra / Seaboard / Oscilla /Nagual Dance / Dualo / The Secret Life of Computers / Tangible Orchestra /Lossy + Strangers Are People Too… and many more.

See https://mtflabs.net for more details.

Music Tech Fest is the global Festival of Music Ideas. It’s a free, weekend-long event that provides an experimental and improvisational space where ideas are showcased, performed, demonstrated and discussed. It’s a place where musicians and hackers come together to collaborate and try things out. It’s about sharing your idea with a community. It’s a place where industry and academics, artists and technologists come together to both celebrate and invent the future of music.

The festival is possible thanks to IRCAM ForumRS ComponentsSeratoLeap MotionSPECIFIYourFrySennheiserSoundcloud and a wonderful team of talented and creative enthusiasts and contributors.