Hey MTFers!

My name is Mordechai Braunstein, I live in Israel, I’m 35, married, and a father to two mind-blowingly adorable boys. I’m a dedicated music lover, a heavy internet user and a serial entrepreneur and I’m absolutely obsessed with music, sound, and acoustics.

In 2008, when I was 25, I started the ‘Healing Music festival’ in Israel, an alternative music event that kept me working very hard and has hosted over ten thousand people over the years. Under “Healing Music” I created and promoted around twenty different events; all live music events, all family oriented, and all promoting the positive and inspiring side of music. In 2012 I started the ‘Raga Mela’ - a brand to promote Indian classical music.

For almost 9 years I’ve been on and around almost every major stage in Israel inhabiting any role I could get my hands on - from sound engineer to stage manager - I spent most of my time servicing music in all its forms. I became more and more obsessed with an aspect of sound that seemed very obvious to me, but wasn’t really common knowledge - the physical effects that sounds and frequencies have on matter. I scoured the internet for information, and that’s how I found out about cymatics - the study of how sounds and frequencies affect matter.

In 2014 I started ‘Sound Therapy TLV’ - a brand that promotes professional lectures and conferences focused on Sound Healing, Music Therapy and Cymatics. Under this title I could bring the world’s leading experts in the field over to Israel, and learn from them. During that time, I’ve been secretly working in a makeshift lab in my garage to recreate some of the incredible cymatcis experiments I’ve seen online.

In 2015, during a ‘Healing Music’ event, I kicked off Cymagic - a cymatics based art installation. The installation is made up of prototypes of cymatic machines I created in my garage and it managed to wow people across Israel. Over the last three years I’ve worked on progressing my prototypes and have been working closely with the deaf community in Israel, especially with children, and experimenting with different ways for them to experience sound.

I’ll be coming to MTF Stockholm to participate in the MTF Labs and I’ll present a talk about my work with the deaf community. I’m very excited about this opportunity, this will be my first MTF, and I can’t wait to meet all of you there!