Hi guys, I’m Michelangelo Guarise. I’m an entrepreneur, a passionate maker, professor and avid technologist. I am interested in making the things of tomorrow.

I’ve worked in many and different kind of jobs, but every time with creativity and music in mind. This includes also working on fields like Interaction Design, Psychology and Software Engineering.

One of my collaborations that sums perfectly all of these is the UDOO project, a Single-Board Computer for makers. From here I’ve had the chance to participate in many events and to develop new projects and stuff!

So I ended up founding two companies:

The first is Volumio which is the most popular Audiophile Music Player for embedded computers, and currently has over 150k users. Volumio is an open source project, with a very active community. The company behind it provides also the software (with specific customizations and related services) to several OEM Audio manufacturers all over the world.

The second company is AmbiMusic which is a cloud based music management system for businesses, that together with a proprietary hardware players, enpowers Music providers, public transportation companies and big retail chains to distribute and deliver their music experiences.

I’m really excited to be part of the Creative Labs at MTF!
See you!