Hi I’m Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio. I’m a Mexican media artist and improviser based in Ljubljana.

I work in many different fields related to sound art, but I am always interested in combining ideas from composition, improvisation and technology into new intelligent systems that allow me to create virtual ensembles that react to me playing an altered electric guitar I have designed along with various acoustic sound extentions.

My main professional interests are focused on finding solutions to live performances, where sound art and music composition can interact in formal ways. As side hobbies, I work a lot with sound in multichannel spaces; sensorial trayectory description, music education and the more traditional classical method of paper composition.

Parallel to my work as an interpreter / composer, I have been working since the 90’s in the organization of festivals and symposiums related to my work and to musical interpretation. I am currently collaborating at the moment with Sonica Festival in Ljubljana as producer and as curator of FAN festival in México.

Attending the MTF Research Symposium will allow me to interact with the tangible results of musical research made by artists and institutions; I got hooked by this idea when I heard about MTF… I’m a bit bored of the academic congresses of researchers that only write papers and boring music 😉

See you at MTF Stockholm!

Photo credit: Urska Boljkovac.