Music Tech Fest is the first multi-gender innovation event with 50% women participating in every single aspect of the festival and that features inspirational Women in the Lead of every technology area.

We’re honoured to welcome Matilda George as our Woman in the Lead of industry innovation at MTF Stockholm. In her role as Innovation Ecosystem Manager for Ericsson ONE, Matilda builds innovation challenges across the globe together with academia and industry to explore new ideas for incubation.

Ericsson ONE is a global community of thinkers and doers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs, brought together by a shared mission to create easy to use innovations that scale, last, and that solve real problems that people care about. Matilda’s role is to drive startup engagement, and she’s in charge of building their ever-growing global incubator program. Matilda will be at MTF Stockholm to guide and inspire new projects and new startups at the festival.

Her experience and expertise from her work at Ericsson along with her education at Stockholm University, which brought together Economics and Game Theory, give her a unique approach to seeding and supporting promising startups. She’s incredibly passionate about innovation and technology transformation and particularly enjoys the challenge of exploring and bringing new ideas to life.
“I am very excited to be part of the Music Tech Fest which brings together two of my key interests: music and tech innovation.” 
For Matilda, Music Tech Fest is the ideal place to explore and bring new ideas to life and the connection between music and tech is clear to her. She has a strong personal connection with music and understands that music connects people and brings them together around a common interest. Music is something people relate to and form emotional connections with, well beyond its technical features. Matilda has always been passionate about music and stood her first time on stage when she was 7 years old, performing in front of her school outside Stockholm.

These days, Matilda works with tech innovation at Ericsson, connecting ideas to pain points to bring forward the same kinds of feelings that music can bring to people, and she has already begun to connect the threads of music technology and startup innovation. One key Ericsson-supported project connects musicians in real time without latency, using their latest 5G technologies.

“Technology should be the enabler of music which will bring people together, imagine the possibilities if we combine tech such as drone and AI with music…”

Seeding the kind of ideas that new technologies and creative opportunities can open up is central to Ericsson ONE, and Matilda believes that putting creativity at the centre of innovation is the key to finding promising new projects that could evolve into sustainable businesses.
As Matilda says, “Hackathons and innovation challenges like these are the perfect way to spur creativity and support early ideas coming to life. Music Tech Fest’s commitment to supporting the best of those ideas to grow and develop takes that process to the next level and is something Ericsson ONE is proud to support in this way.”

Matilda will present her vision for innovation on the MTF Talks stage at Music Tech Fest, and is one of the inspiring women taking the lead at MTF Stockholm.