Martine-Nicole Rojina is a professional musician, producer and active sound- and light-designer. In her trans-disciplinary multimedia artworks she explores, innovates and invents future immersive technology.
Her curiosity and empathy for technology, science, engineering, economy, art and education are the core drivers of her MPATHY STUDIO. As above, so below; as on the inside, so on the outside: Shifting humanity’s systemic thinking towards a synergetic, inclusive and sustainable worldview.
As leader of the cosmic sci / tech / art outreach project SISTER MOON and as participatory artistic outreach partner for SPACE FOR HUMANITY she lays a collective ground for the future of space exploration, travel and education. Exploring and learning in a holistic way to enhance sustainable living on Spaceship Earth.
She released music worldwide and collaborated with internationally recognised artists.
BBC Click - moon landing special feature

Watch her TEDx talk “Why waves make sense to me”: