My name is MOON and I’m an artist based in the most exotic place in Europe. Interdisciplinarity is the main characteristic of my artistic expression. I challenge time and space and beyond; through science and spirituality I intuitively approach the realization of my artwork and thus lead the observer into a fluid and intimate experience. By deconstructing sound and meta-language, I test out modern communication spaces and in doing so provoke you to dive deeper into our own sense of togetherness and find a blissful serenity of universal unity.

Every starting point comes from my deepest desire, dreams, questions and visions. They are the products of my passionate heart. I want to share these creations with you, otherwise there is no purpose for creation. I invite you to come and experience a new way of communication, to feel those frequencies. No words and sentences, only sounds and lines transmitted from feelings. By using a semantic and meditative approach, I make visual soundscape compositions “sound galaxies” that reflect our emotions and our minds on our surroundings using noise and lo-fi soundscapes. This type of drawing process represents the root of our primal human expressions and communication fields. For the first time I will present a demo version of my newest project-performance titled “RECEPTILIUM”. You will experience music from my brain waves/emotions and physical motion data while I make a large drawing/visualisation of universal sound. I will probably fall into a transcendental state after a while, which is a natural reaction when you are completely devoted to the action. That’s why I named this cycle, “Meta Signal Sonar System” or “MSSS”.

Let’s communicate on a deeper level including our “6th SENSE”, which is the title of my second project I will present. “6th SENSE” is an audio-visual interactive collage combined with Augmented Reality mobile application and handmade analogue drawing-collages. The art project “6th SENSE” gives a unique artistic experience where every user has the opportunity to experience not only mixed visuals in real time, but they can also interact or manipulate with sounds in real time. Shapes could be defined as logograms, such as the logograms designed for “Arrival”, a science fiction film (2016) directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Eric Heisserer.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the creative minds and beautiful souls at Music Tech Fest. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Come and join me at the Meditative drawing MSSS workshop and let’s experience unforgettable artsy moments with “RECEPTILIUM” and “6th SENSE” projects. Let’s be free.

See you at MTF Stockholm!