Hello everyone!

My name is Marie Gauthier and I am a French Software Engineer based in Lyon. I’ve been a computer and music lover from an early age, and have always been really excited about combining these two passions. Therefore, my work is focused on creative and innovative projects I really care about.When I lived in Berlin, I attended MTF in 2016, as a visitor. There I met Peter Harris, founder and CEO of Resonate, who was a coordinator of the Blockchain Lab at MTF Berlin. Resonate is a streaming music service cooperative. At Resonate, we are on a mission to rewire the music industry. It is currently dominated by large corporations which makes it difficult for independent artists and labels to get by. We aim to solve these problems through our streaming model #stream2own and the use of blockchain technology to build a comprehensive infrastructure to manage metadata, licensing and administer payments.

I am interested in issues surrounding creative intellectual property and am passionate about this creative project, and have now been a volunteer for Resonate coop for 2 years. I am now working for Resonate full time as co-CTO. This is a very exciting time for Resonate right now as we are transitioning from a volunteer-led to a staff-built service and it is such a pleasure for me to be part of this community!

I have been developing web and mobile applications for more than 5 years, with an emphasis on user interface and experience. Being able to interact with users or viewers, for the most part behind my screen, excites me a lot. I view code as poetry and its execution as a melody. Given my education and interests in Audio Signal Processing and Computer Graphics, I am very enthusiastic about immersive multimedia experiences and would be keen on taking part in such audio-visual projects. If it can also combine AI and Machine Learning, that would be even more thrilling.

I dj and make music myself for fun, playing around with DIY modular synths, music softwares and programming languages. I will be part of the 24-hour Hack Camp and I would love to have the opportunity to share and grow my creative and technical (both software and hardware) skills. As I could see at MTF Berlin, everyone was bursting with excitement and creativity and it inspired me a lot.

Really looking forward to seeing you at MTF Stockholm!