Mariana Miguel is a pianist, percussionist and multidisciplinary artist. She graduated in Music (Piano), in Universidade de Évora, where she also completed the master’s degree in Performance (Piano), with professor Ana Telles. She has developed and presented work where the piano takes a central role, in an experimental and improvisational language and in dialogue with other arts. She’s part of the creative percussion group CRASSH (WeTumTum) and takes an interest in interaction and collaboration with people, artists and audiences. She collaborates with Companhia de Música Teatral in projects such as Anatomy of the Piano (Pianoscópio), and the Porcelain and Crystal Gamelan, taking roles as a facilitator, performer and creative. She’s a research collaborator at LAMCI-CESEM in NOVA FCSH, and teaches at MUSA (Escola de Música de Aveiro).