Hi, I’m Luis Anjos 🙂

I was born in Latin America, from European parents; after finishing my first course of Informatics I started to work as an Analyst/Developer; my last course was a MSc in Informatics Engineering at University of Minho with a specialization in Intelligent Systems and Bioinformatics. Nowadays I have more than 20 years of experience researching, defining, design, developing and deploying software solutions and platforms using the latest technology. I have collaborated in more than 100 professional projects with transdisciplinary and multicultural teams in America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa in different areas like engineering, consulting, management, marketing, education, quality assurance and innovation acceleration, mainly for the Information Technology Industry at the service of customers and partners in many other industries.

I’m always exploring the intersection between art and science; I create experimental music using the BCI MIDI Sequencer [MEME]. This software converts brain waves signals into musical notes according to programable thresholds.

My current mission as a System Architect and Machine Learning specialist at muArts is the design and development of the BCI Neurofeedback Framework that allows people to connect their minds to discover, show, interact and transform the most valuable signals of the common life, our brain activity. I also work for the project Neurobica supported by the neuroscience institute Neurobios.

My research work focusses on Brain Computer Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Music and Futures Studies following the transhumanism philosophy with a singular vision about a positive future with more happiness, intelligence and longevity trough the development of emerging technologies.

My experience with the Music Tech Fest Team at Slush was amazing and I know that this year MTF Stockholm will be HUGE; I’m ready to enjoy and co-create more jaw drop moments together, see you!