I am Sound/New Media Designer, Engineer and Artist currently based in Glasgow. Having studied Music and Physics before completing a MSc in Digital Composition and Performance, I work with sound, video and lighting to create site-specific installations, fixed-media work, theatrical design and live improvisational performances. Often creating bespoke software and hardware for my projects, technology is the medium, the subject and the materials of my work. I see innovation as the fundamental driver of creative ingenuity. As such, in my creative work I marry a knowledge of new technologies and a deep understanding of the physical nature of sound and light with aesthetic considerations for their affective design. Currently my creative practice is focussed on biological structures and internet based performance practice; exploring the parallels between emergent natural systems and new media social interactions. Professionally, I currently work as Audio Studio Manager at the Edinburgh College of Art and, with the support of Edinburgh’s Creative Informatics, I am founding a creative technology studio: bliind studios. I am also a resident DJ with Radio Buena Vida, Glasgow where I host a monthly show: The Rhizome.