Berlin is globally recognised as a world capital of music technology. It also happens to be part of a continent that boasts such fine locations as Brighton, home of The Great Escape (the week before #MTFBerlin), the island of Ibiza, home of the International Music Summit (three days prior to #MTFBerlin) and the city of Cannes, home of Midem (a few days after #MTFBerlin). Smart music business people are already arranging their itineraries accordingly.

#MTFBerlin 27-30 May 2016

Music Tech Fest brings to the city’s innovators the full value chain from high level research to seed idea, innovation IP, industry partners and routes to market. At Music Tech Fest, the whole world becomes a stage that places the emphasis on creativity and performance as the central driving force to develop ideas for innovative products and projects that connect music and technology with every imaginable vertical sector.

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#MTFBerlin is where the music industry innovation actually happens. It’s not a conference or talk-fest. There are no keynotes, panel sessions or boring powerpoint presentations.

Our week-long Blockchain music workshop brings the finest minds in cryptography and computer science together with music industry, artists, rightsholders, audiences and advocates to progress the cause of a genuinely fair trade music future - and actually build the tech required to make that happen.

In partnership with Fraunhofer IDMT, #MTFBerlin brings together the music and technology industries for an exclusive preview of the market prototypes from the European #MusicBricks project, which takes pioneering technology research from top academic institutions and places it in the hands of hackers and makers, then incubates the resulting ideas into commercial prototypes.


#MTFAmplifier is an exclusive networking event for business, investors and industry insiders, with a sneak peak at new projects, startup ideas and incubated prototypes for the future of the music industry - and on the main festival stage throughout the weekend: back to back performances and demonstrations of the latest creative developments in music and tech from around the world.

And let’s not forget the reasons you got into this business in the first place. The Funkhaus is a fantastic venue for music technology enthusiasts. It boasts what is still to this day the largest recording studio on earth, phenomenal acoustics throughout, and contains many of its original 1950s technical features, fittings and furnishings. You’ll not only get to experience the future of music technology first hand, you’ll be immersed in its history. In fact, the period decor and grand scale of the Funkhaus made the building itself into one of the stars of Spielberg’s Oscar-winning film Bridge of Spies.

You don’t have to be a high-powered executive with a platinum expense card to make the most of the festival. With half price concession prices for students, regular free shuttles to and from Ostkreuz station, and access to spaces that would ordinarily be completely inaccessible to the public, #MTFBerlin is an incredible opportunity to perform, collaborate, experiment and do business in this uniquely historic venue.

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