One of the most important things at Music Tech Fest - and one of the main reasons for its existence - has always been that new collaborations, new projects and new ideas that start at the festival can be supported and encouraged to go on and have a life beyond it.

Brilliant people come to MTF and team up to make ingenious things. We’ve partnered with KTH Innovation to support those ideas and help them find their way to market. KTH Innovation are working with us not only to offer incubation for a range of projects that come out of MTF - as well as advice on business development, the law, funding, and project management - but they’re also offering a 50 000 SEK prize for the best idea at #MTFHacks.

KTH Innovation has an incredible track record of supporting startups. Examples of successful projects that have started there include Furhat RoboticsMIND Music Labs, the Flic ButtonManomotionVolumentalGleechi, Stagecast - and so many more. In fact, KTH Innovation has supported over 2000 new ideas from students and researchers at KTH with free, objective and confidential support in all areas relevant to taking an idea from research result to innovation.

Lisa Ericsson, Head of KTH Innovation says:

“Since 1827, KTH’s emblem has included the phrase Science and Art, which is why I think KTH is the perfect venue for Music Tech Fest. The resources we have at KTH, together with MTF’s global network will lead to some very interesting ideas and inventions. And of course a hackathon’s a great way to spur creative thinking: When people from different backgrounds and fields come together, the results are always interesting, and we know for sure that MTF will be no exception - but we also know that to go from idea to innovation and create real impact you need to keep working with your idea.”

Music Tech Fest is a seed ground and testbed for creative innovation and has helped the resulting inventions find their way to market with projects like #MusicBricks and Industry Commons. We’re excited to be working with KTH Innovation and really looking forward to seeing more of the great ideas that start life at #MTFStockholm go on to become the products of sustainable businesses.

If you’ve applied to be part of the 24-hour Hack Camp or Creative Labs at MTF Stockholm - watch your inbox this week. We had such a huge response from people with all sorts of diverse experience and backgrounds, and had to close the applications after receiving over 250 applications. It’s been a real challenge to select just 150 people!

KTH Innovation gave us a mentor we could meet on a weekly basis, office space, access to their network and also easier access to all the soft funds that are so extremely important when verifying and testing your idea. We are forever grateful and KTH Innovation will always have a special place in our hearts. - Hedvig Ahlgren, Stagecast.

It’s shaping up to be an amazing event.