JUST Health Data Labs

JUST Health Data Labs: Schedule

11th - 14th June 2024


Tuesday 11th June

Inspirational Talks

A series of eminent speakers to inspire us to think about the challenges associated with trustworthy data. The presentations are being delivered both in person and remotely, and the speakers represent various domains of knowledge.

10:00 Welcome and Intro to JUST Data Michela Magas (Industry Commons Foundation)

10:30 Kjell-Håkan Närfelt (Vinnova) - Innovation Commons

11:00 Andreas Hager (Karolinska Institutet) - Health Makerspace

11:30 fika

11:50 Jonathan Converse (Chalmers Industriteknik) - Health Innovation Platform

12:10 Ivo Emanuilov (Industry Commons Foundation) - Legal requirements for JUST Data creators and users: AI Act, Data Act, Data Governance Act

12:40 Virginia Dignum (Umeå University) - Trustworthy AI

13:00 lunch

14:00 Ericka Johnsson (Linköping University) - Bias in synthetic data

14:30 Sebastiaan Meijer (KTH) - Trust and transparency in health supply chains

15:00 Linus Wretblad (IP Screener) - Mapping global healthcare IP

15:30 fika

16:00 Natalie Bertels (KU Leuven) - EU Data Spaces: facilitating data access

16:20 Sylvia Ilieva (GATE institute) - Strengthening the S-E Europe Smart Health regional excellence

16:40 drinks

17:20 Exclusive JUST Data session from Seattle, USA: Matthew Wahlrab, Rapid Alpha - Lessons from the Global Good Fund: How to Scale in the AI Era

18:00 Exclusive JUST Data live interview simultaneously from Los Angeles and Washington DC: Aram Sinnreich and Jesse Gilbert - “The Secret Life of Data”

19:00 Sessions end (we go for a beer!)


Wednesday 12th June

Global brainstorming

Three brainstorming sessions, each lead by provocateurs, to stimulate thinking about trustworthy data. The sessions are hybrid: in person at GoCo and online from various global locations.

10:00 coffee welcome and intros to global brainstorming

10:30 PROVOCATION 1: Andreas Hager, Karolinska - New Business Models: What else can the Health Sector be?

11:00  PROVOCATION 2: Ivo Emanuilov - Law is JUST not enough: rethinking the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the age of AI

11:30 Global Brainstorming (in person and online)

12:30 lunch

13:30 PROVOCATION 3: Katariina Kari, IKEA Inter-Global Systems - Data Properties and Semantic Models (Synthetic Data, Ontologies and knowledge graphs)

14:00 Global Brainstorming (in person and online)

15:00 fika

15:30 PROVOCATION 4: Jaan Li (One Fact Foundation, USA – in person) - Scaling US social justice through data: JUST Data Labs at Princeton and Assessing New York Healthcare data for fairness

16:00 Global Brainstorming (in person and online)

17:00 Sessions end


Thursday 13th June

JUST Prototyping: JUST solutions and business models brainstorming

Analysis of JUST Data Annotation in the context of live projects with low-level prototyping of potential data-driven solutions and business models.

10:00 Jaan Li (One Fact Foundation, USA – in person) – Intro to prototyping innovative use cases with LLMs

11:30 fika

12:00 Prototyping JUST solutions and business models

13:00 lunch

14:00 Prototyping JUST solutions and business models

15:30 fika

16:00 Prototyping JUST solutions and business models

17:00 Sessions end


Friday 14th June

Showcase: JUST Data Projects

Presentations of final results, and a first consensus on draft standards for JUST Data based on our tests and observations.

10:00 Prototyping continues

11:30 fika

12:00 Prototyping continues with Petter Ericson from the AI Policy Lab

13:00 lunch

14:00 Showcase prep

15:30 fika

16:00 JUST Data Projects Showcase

17:00 drinks

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