JUST Health Data Labs Gothenburg

JUST Health Data Labs

11th - 14th June 2024


Set within the GoCo Health Innovation City in Gothenburg, our JUST Data Lab offers an opportunity for hands-on, collaborative experimentation with JUST data annotation practices at the cutting edge of Health research and technology.

GoCo Health Innovation City is the new urban city center where over 200 000 square meters are being developed to attract researchers, entrepreneurs, and talents from around the world. In this setting, MTF’s JUST Data Labs will focus primarily on the application of JUST principles in health-related data, aiming to address biases and enhance data safety and transparency in medical research and innovation.

JUST Industry Data Labs

16th - 20th September 2024


During the week celebrating Linköping EU Capital of Innovation, our second lab takes place at Linköping Science Park, in collaboration with Linköping University and the Innovative Materials Arena.

This intensive lab is designed to explore the cross-sector applications of JUST data annotation standards, emphasising the ethical management and use of data across different industries. The week-long event promises to integrate JUST Data practices with the broader themes of innovation and technology development, engaging a diverse group of participants in meaningful discussions, hands-on experimentation and practical workshops.

About the Labs

In both of our testbed settings, the JUST Data Labs aim to bring together industry professionals, researchers, and data scientists to delve into the practicalities of implementing JUST data annotation standards.

Participants will engage in a series of workshops, discussions, and hands-on collaboration, testing and refining the metadata interface developed by the Industry Commons Foundation. These labs are not only about shaping the behaviour of industrial AI through ethical data annotation but also about encouraging responsible data management practices among all data researchers, owners, and managers.

These events are stepping stones towards the establishment of a comprehensive framework and European standard for JUST data annotation that supports the FAIR data principles while addressing ethical considerations, particularly from a gender perspective. By participating, you’ll contribute to shaping a future where data management practices are both ethical and inclusive, paving the way for more equitable technological developments.

Join us in Gothenburg or Linköping to be part of this pioneering initiative, helping to shape the future of responsible AI and data science. By registering, you’ll not only have the opportunity to participate in these JUST Data Labs but you’ll also join a vibrant community of brilliant minds: professionals, researchers, and experts from diverse fields.

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