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JUST Industry Data Labs

16th - 20th September 2024


What is it?

JUST Industry Data Labs is a pioneering initiative hosted by MTF Labs and the Industry Commons Foundation. It is a collaborative event designed to explore and innovate around the theme of “Sound for Urban Environments.” The Labs bring together international thought leaders, industry experts, and renowned sound artists and musicians to prototype and experiment with new data-driven ideas under the conditions of Judicious, Unbiased, Safe, and Transparent (JUST) data practices. This initiative focuses on integrating ethical data use within innovation workflows across various sectors, including the built environment, transportation, healthcare, earth observation data, the steel industry, and the creative sector, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life in urban spaces.


What does it have to do with “Sound for Urban Environments”?

JUST Industry Data Labs focuses on the theme of “Sound for Urban Environments” by bringing together experts from diverse fields to prototype and experiment with innovative solutions that address urban soundscapes. This involves exploring how sound affects the quality of life in urban settings and how data-driven approaches can be used to create more harmonious and beneficial auditory experiences. By integrating arts and sciences, industry and academia, the Labs aim to foster hybrid innovations that enhance urban environments through ethical data practices, ensuring that the solutions developed are both sustainable and inclusive.


What’s in it for me?

For researchers and spinouts: we are matching FAIR Data technologies with JUST Data use.

For Industry: we are creating the standard for JUST Data companies

For scale-ups: we are creating JUST business models and opening JUST market opportunities

For innovators: we are testing JUST Data on culture and human behaviours

For the city: New experiences and interactions with innovative city soundscapes


How do I participate?

To participate in JUST Industry Data Labs, follow these steps:

1. Register Your Interest: Visit the event registration page here and complete the registration form to indicate your interest in attending the event.

2. Receive an Invitation: Since places are limited and attendance is by invitation only, you will receive an email invitation if your application is successful. This will confirm your participation in the event.

3. Confirm Your Attendance: Upon receiving your invitation, promptly confirm your attendance to secure your spot at the event.

By registering early and confirming your participation, you ensure your place at this exclusive event. We look forward to welcoming you to JUST Industry Data Labs in Linköping!


What does it cost?

Participation in JUST Industry Data Labs is entirely free of charge. However, due to limited spaces and the exclusive nature of the event, attendance is by invitation only. Early registration to indicate your interest is essential to secure a spot.

Book here to reserve your place: https://mtflabs.net/just/industry


Who is behind it?

JUST Industry Data Labs is led by the Industry Commons Foundation in collaboration with MTF Labs. The initiative is supported by the Swedish Health Data Innovation Platform by Chalmers Industriteknik, the Swedish Space Data Lab 3.0, and the AI Factory/RAILWAY – The Evolution. The project is funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova as part of their Avancerad Digitalisering programme.


When and where?

JUST Industry Data Labs will take place from September 16-20, 2024, in Linköping, during the city’s celebration as the European Capital of Innovation. The event will be held at GoTo10, part of Linköping Science Park, in collaboration with Linköping University and the Innovative Materials Arena.


Who will be there?

The event will bring together a highly diverse range of stakeholders, including industry professionals, researchers, and data scientists. Participants will include international thought leaders, renowned sound artists, musicians, and experts from various fields, particularly from within the Swedish industrial context. This diverse group will collaborate to prototype innovative solutions and explore the integration of ethical data practices in urban soundscapes.


What can I expect?

At JUST Industry Data Labs, you can expect a unique and enriching experience that combines thought-provoking presentations, meaningful discussions, and hands-on collaborative workshops. The event will focus on prototyping innovative solutions around the theme of “Sound for Urban Environments,” integrating ethical data practices across various sectors.

You will:

  • Participate in inspirational talks and presentations from international thought leaders and industry experts.
  •  Engage in collective brainstorming sessions to explore and address challenges related to urban soundscapes.
  • Take part in hands-on prototyping and experimentation workshops, working on live projects to develop and test new ideas.
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of professionals from different fields, enhancing your knowledge and expanding your network.
  • Focus on the ethical management and use of data, ensuring that all innovations align with JUST data principles (Judicious, Unbiased, Safe, and Transparent).

This event stands out by not only discussing innovative ideas but actively building and testing them in real-time, creating a vibrant and interactive environment for all participants.


Contact Information

Event Coordination, Primary Contact
Name: Andrew Dubber, Director at MTF Labs
Email: dubber@mtflabs.net

Name: Deborah Habermacher, Project Management at Industry Commons Foundation
Email: deborah.habermacher@industrycommons.net 

Social Media

Linkedin: @Industrycommonsfoundation @mtflabs

Instagram: @Industrycommons @mtflabs

Facebook: Industry Commons, MTF Labs




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