The success of Axoloti is just the beginning of our exciting funding news for music tech innovation. We are thrilled to announce the launch of #MusicBricks - an accelerator for bringing your creative music tech ideas to market.

The Music Tech Fest hack camp will give you exclusive access to the latest music technologies and academic research through APIs, GUIs and TUIs (Tangible User Interfaces) currently being developed by IRCAM at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Music Technology Group in Barcelona, the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin and the Vienna University of Technology.  

MTF Scandinavia will be our first major test bed for seeding ideas for #MusicBricks - and the best of these - whether a piece of software, a device, a new musical instrument, a performance or installation - will be supported to prototype. 

We will also be connecting a European Creative Ring of creative individuals, organisations and those city councils interested in supporting the intersection of arts and technology to ensure the widest dissemination of creative innovation. 

It is fantastic that the European Commission is supporting the creative industries in this way and allowing for this unprecedented level of experimentation. We are excited that the Commission has seen the value that can be generated from this space and this community, and is encouraging and actively championing this level of creative innovation.

We are also happy to announce that private investors are getting involved with the Music Tech Fest community. We are developing a Music Tech Fund in conjunction with Par Equity to further support and incubate the best prototypes and help us take them to market. The fund will receive backing from commercial and non-commercial partners which will provide seed investment for projects and startups that emerge from the Music Tech Fest community, and follow on funding for those companies that progress to later stages of development.

To participate or contribute to any of these activities, or for more information, contact us at crew@mtflabs.net