Inês Silva is a multidisciplinary artist, focused on the issues of deep ecology and biopolitics, sound explorer and practitioner of DIY philosophy as well as collaborative and participatory practices in public space. Participates in collective exhibitions since 2013, highlighting the “XIII International Biennial of Artistic Ceramics” (Aveiro, 2017), “Убежище / Suoja / Shelter Festival - Laboratory” (Helsinki, 2019), «48 часов Новосибирск» (Siberia, 2019) , or “Soundscapes” (Bahrain, 2019), and has her first individual artistic residency “Méhtēr: Matter, Form and Transformation” at Júlio Dinis Museum in Ovar (2018). Founder, with Xavier Paes, of DERMA publishing matters, REFLUXO ecological and activist collective and DIES LEXIC, a musical duo with international debut in Tuí, (2016), and a year later in Paris, The Hague and Amsterdam. Member of the international artistic collective “Mycelium” (RU, DEN, IT, USA and PT) and “MOSCXS” based in Porto.