#MTFSparks at Wallifornia Music Tech in Liège, Belgium - 7 July 2017.


Music Tech Fest has long been a nomadic festival with events in Auckland, Boston, Paris, Brussels, London, Berlin, Ljubljana, Umeå, Genoa, Liège and Helsinki. It has now found its home in Stockholm and will host its flagship event in Scandinavia’s capital every year during the first week of September.

In addition, smaller satellite events will mark out the MTF calendar - with one major satellite somewhere in the world March and one or two other innovation labs or education initiatives in other places through the rest of the year.

To date, MTF has had requests from over 20 other cities around the world to set up and run some aspect (or all) of Music Tech Fest. In order to manage these requests and evaluate feasibility, we have developed this application process. If you’d like to bring MTF somewhere new, here’s the place to make your case.


#MTFLabs at Slush, Helsinki - 25-30 November 2017.

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