My name is Hjalmar Jakobsson. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I am a second year master’s student.

I study Media Technology at KTH and my main focus area is audio. I have just come back from Milan, Italy, where I have been studying music and engineering for one semester at Politecnico di Milano, which was an amazing experience; I can recommend going there to anyone thinking about it.

Outside of school I am very passionate about music and composing. I am also especially interested in the production aspect of music. Having studied a fair amount of programming I am very excited about the fact that I can put basically all of my programming skills to work in music. This is an encouraging feeling since it allows for so many new unexplored possibilities. I love coming up with musical ideas, formulating them as a problems, and then solving them.

At MTF Stockholm I will be attending the Trackathon. The challenge will be to make a song within 24-hours given a set of tools and a given theme. This is going to be fun; I have never been to a Hackathon before so I am very much looking forward to the whole experience and of meeting a lot of other like minded individuals.

- Cheers!