Chances are you’ll have already seen the phenomenal Kung Fury Kickstarter trailer and the tie-in David Hasselhoff music video that was unveiled last month.

If you’ve somehow missed it, then in essence, a 1980s Kung Fu renegade cop enlists the help of a keytar-playing computer hacker (above) in order to go back in time to kill the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time: Adolf Hitler (aka Kung Führer) - by way of the Viking era and the dinosaur age.

#MTFScandi just happens to coincide with the launch weekend of Kung Fury, and as we share an office with those guys, we thought it would be a great idea to integrate all things Kung Fury into the festival. We have an exclusive screening, Kung Fury surprises on stage and a special technical demonstration from the Kung Fury hacker himself to show you how to hack your music projects back in time.

Coming to #MTFScandi? Invite your friends. Here’s the Facebook event page.