Graham Massey is a legend of electronic music. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ and broadcaster, he came to prominence with his seminal electronic act 808 State.

As well as being central to one of the most influential acts in electronic dance music history, Graham’s remix and production list is a who’s who of contemporary music - including work with Björk, co-writing ‘Army of Me’ and ‘The Modern Things’ from the album Post. He also has numerous side projects and collaborations, including Sisters of Transistors and Toolshed.

While 808 State were responsible for the first full length album of dance music and were early pioneers of Acid House, Graham’s taste extends far beyond. With influences and interests ranging from Hawaiian ukelele to Sun Ra, his solo endeavours are filled with surprise and complexity - while still being perfectly at home on the dance-floor.

As an avid collector of both unusual and vintage music technology and a regular face at Music Tech Fest events around the world, Graham is interested in the intersections of innovation and creativity where the unusual or unexpected can happen.