Hello, my name is Gawain Hewitt. I’m an artist and composer and have been making music and fiddling about taking things to pieces and inventing things all my life.

I work a lot in community settings, helping other people to compose music and making sound pieces that help to tell their story. At the moment I am leading work with the City of London Sinfonia in the Maudsley and Bethlem Hospital Schools for example.

I also compose music - at the moment I’m composing a piece for hammers and soprano voice for a commission in Australia.

And lastly I make sonic objects/sculptures, sometimes on my own and sometimes with people. For example I have recently made a singing plant, and a kind of audio puzzle called Wonderbox.

I really like working in ways that cross over from music to art to technology and back again, and I’m really very interested in why I make things, or why anyone else does - I want work to be useful.

In 2012 I set up the Drake Music DMLab programme, which supports the development of accessible musical instruments for disabled musicians.

My ideas generally exceed my technical ability, but I solder well, can operate the Arduino IDE, and dabble in Pure Data and Supercollider. I am always wanting to be about 75% better at these things than I am. Pretty good with hand tools though…

I’m here to take part in the 24-hour hack camp.

I love our community (this community) - you really are the most generous, friendly and wonderfully open and creative bunch of people I have ever met or heard of and so I can’t wait to get there, and to see old friends and make new ones.

See you in Stockholm!