My name is Gabriella Dalman and I am a student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology studying Media Technology. I love creative projects where I can let myself play with crazy ideas. My greatest hobby is music, I mostly play piano and sing but I have always been curious about other instruments and have played flute, guitar, ukulele and more…

In my senior year at high school I was the project leader for my high school’s annual music festival. We invited up and coming bands from Stockholm to play live music, the students of my high school performed as well and we also arranged some activities throughout the day. I learned a lot about planning and how to organize a lot of people and acts to come together and collaborate to create this big festival of happiness and music.

This year I have participated in a student union activity at KTH called “Kårspexet” which is an interactive theatrical show with comedy and musical numbers. By interactive I mean that the audience of the show can shout out things that they want to see the actors and musicians do, it is hilarious to see what the actors can do while improvising on the audiences command! I played the piano in the orchestra during the show’s musical numbers and sometimes the orchestra had the opportunity to improvise by audience command as well.

This fall will be the start of my second year at KTH. Media technology, which is what my bachelor, is about improving human interaction and communication with technology. Music to me is a way to communicate emotions with different kinds of sounds and harmonies. My dream job would involve exploring different possibilities to improve and renew the way music is expressed with tech.

I am excited for the Music Tech Festival and especially to see Imogen Heap with her Mi.Mu gloves. I will participate in Hack Camp and I am looking forward to meet some awesome people with diverse backgrounds to create something innovative!

See you at MTF Stockholm!