Hi I’m Xico Marques-Teixeira and my passion is Brain Technology.

Everything that applies technology to human health and human self knowledge interests me.
The concept of a quantified self given to us by sensing technology and big data is what defines my path and my personal goal. This source of knowledge about the human mind and human behavior returned to the client by an immersive and interactive environment fulfills all the needs that are necessary for performance optimization and cognitive enhancement.

My experience in social, affective, cognitive and computational neuroscience and in techniques such as neuroimaging and electroencephalography applied to clinical psychology and cognitive research has given me the roots needed to work directly with clients from sportsman to peak executives and clinical patients.

For the last five years I have been working with techie developers, geeky artists, researchers and hackers who share the same vision as mine: to link the brain to a digital medium and to the internet of things so we can enter in a transhumanist age and promote brain-computer interactions as well as brain-to-brain communication.

My ultimate research aspiration is to understand how this new media, mainly interactivity and immersion can alter our brain and how our mind is going to adapt to this new realm of existence that is the digital world.

I have been a key-note speaker in numerous conferences like TEDxPorto 2016, BoomFestival 2016 (Neurotechnology for Human Enhancement and Transhumanism) and Culturgest (Brain speech: the art and the ethics of the neuro-manipulation of the self) where I present, discuss and inform about Neurosciences, Neurotechnology and Neurofeedback.

Currently I’m the director of the division of Neurofeedback at Neurobios - Neuroscience Institute and partner at MuArts, a brain-computer-interfaces software and hardware development project.

See you at MTF Stockholm!