Hi, my name is Eastman Presser.

I do research about what listening to music is like. I used to do this research at a music school in the USA, and now I do it at a drama school in the UK. Sometimes I do research about what’s funny about listening to music. Occasionally, I ‘perform’ this research, or, more accurately, I conduct this research by doing a performance. Ideally, what I will do at MTF Stockholm will be one such occasion. I will play recordings of music for whoever happens to be present, and will talk about what listening to those recordings is like. It’s gonna be fun. And funny! And good. And nice, I’m pretty sure. I’ve done this kind of performance-lecture at a few different venues in London, and people have had a really good time. I’ve also done it back ‘home’ in the US of A, and people also enjoyed themselves there.

Other than researching listening, I enjoy spending time with my 5 year-old Rat Terrier Fanshawe and bowling.

I’m really looking forward to the mixologist’s presentation at MTF. I’ve worked as a cocktail bartender for years and have always wanted to explore synaesthesia in drinks and listening. I’m pretty sure I didn’t spell that word right, but I’ve been told this post should be ‘conversational’, so I’m not gonna look it up. Also, no, I did not mention the mixologist’s presentation in here just so I could find a way to make that joke about me misspelling sin-ah-STEEZ-a.

oof. this is getting long.

“something like ‘…See you at MTF Stockholm!'” is how I’ve been instructed to end this, so I guess I’ll sign off with…

…what a long, strange, trip it’s been. See you in the fall!