In recent years, my love affair with music has shifted back from a semi-professional capacity to mostly a private one. Nonetheless it is still going strong. Starting from 2012 and up until the pandemic, I had the pleasure of being part of two DJ collectives (Vihanna, No Dignity) that ran two different club nights in Vienna. While those nights are no more, we have transitioned to the occasional gig in Vienna and a monthly radio show on viennese radio station res.radio. That way, I’m keeping the dream alive of becoming Austrian Gilles Peterson. Professionally, I’m currently employed in Marketing in the Tech sector. While I have always been somewhat of a reluctant marketer, I do enjoy the behavioral economics and communications side of things. Working in tech for the last 5ish years has also given me a different perspective on technology, innovation and the rhetoric around it. As such I have become quite critical of hyper-growth environments, of the role of venture capital and of the overall impact of tech on society.