My name is Daniele Scarano and I live in Venice Italy. I’m a musician, I work as a system engineer and developer and I studied as an archaeologist. I’m very curious and when I find something interesting I want to reveal all the secrets hidden beneath the surface. That’s why I’m still trying to understand every single aspect of music.

I would summarise my relationship with music and technology with this sentence: “Dr Strangelove: How I learned stop worrying and love electronic music”. I love acoustic instruments and music practice. When I make music with my laptop I like to use DIY controllers or whatever enables me to play as if I have a physical instrument. That way I can improvise with other musicians, make mistakes and feel that I have control of the sound that I’m generating.

My first approach to electronic music was based on contemporary music practice and live electronics. Ice Pick Experimental Trio is a project where I explore the boundaries between formalised music, improvisation and randomness. We use new technologies to influence our artistic practice and our music.

I think that making music is a sort of dialogue and the more characters that are involved, the more interesting the outcome is. I love making music with other musicians and I believe that we can add more variables to this classic equation: to do this I try to create performances and instruments that enable interactions between the musician and the audience, and the musician and the algorithms. I would like to explore interactions with AI algorithms more and see how these interactions can foster new kinds of musical expressions and create unpredictable mixes of styles and genres that go beyond our human imagination.

I’m very excited to be part of the Hack Camp at MTF Stockholm and I really look forward to meet you all.