Hej MTFlers!

I‘m Damian T. Dziwis and I‘m a composer/media-artist/engineer/scientist from Germany.

My passion for music and electronics started as a child, at the age of eight I began programming autodidactically and also began my instrumental education at music school. Some years later, in addition to my engineering studies in media technology, I took composition courses. I began with instrumental composition but I soon got in touch with the field of ‘computer music’, opening up a world where I could combine my two passions: music and programming!

I then lost myself in everything related to electronics, algorithmic composition and generative art; from DIY synths and music interfaces, music programming languages, live-coding, machine-learning to bots and other autonoums systems labeled as artificial intelligence. I continued my studies with a master’s degree in electronic composition and now I‘m doing my PhD in virtual acoustics.

I got in touch with Music Tech Fest for the first time in Berlin 2016 as a visitor - nearly by accident! It instantly felt like home: a creative and open scene full of people sharing my greatest interests, music and technology! So, I‘m very glad and looking forward to visit MTF this year again and be part of it - I would be very happy to meet you at MTF Stockholm!