Welcome to Re:,

My name is Cvetana Ivanova and I am the first student of Re:
Re: teaches us about the parallels and mutual interconnectedness between our mental, emotional and physical worlds that are subjects in the different fields of knowledge we’ve developed throughout our human history – art, science, technology. The lessons are designed as multi-inter-trans-disciplinary projects and each one investigates the tri-vial Art-Sci-Tech relationship with embedded 4 impacts: scientific, educational, cultural and international.

The purpose of Re: is to build a network between the different segments of knowledge and the conditions for such interdisciplinary research & development to take place. In the same way that science explores the fundamental ingredients of matter, Re: is developing an Art & Science research method to define the fundamental constructs of emotions – the grammar of embodied knowledge. Since emotion is a contextual phenomenon, knowledge about it is spread across all disciplines, and it automatically appears as their tangent and intersection. Hence, the methodology of Re: is “You experience Art & Science experiences you”.

The last project we released is the Music of the Love Hormone - Oxytocin: translating the biological into musical form or bridging Art & Science by setting a network of multiple science disciplines.

I’m really honored to be part of MTF and looking forward to share with you the excitement and gratitude about this glorious journey of discoveries.