Craig Scott creates sound works for human and non-human performers. Using handmade analogue hardware, robotics, modified obsolete audio technology and improvising human musicians to explore the disquieting tension that exists between human and machine made music. this takes form across three streams: Animating instruments and domestic objects in the absence of/in collaboration with improvising human performers; Exploiting malfunction as artistic expression, harnessing the inherent instability of obsolete audio technologies through the precision digital control affords; Acousmatic music in which live instrumental recordings are dissected, transformed and blended with synthetic sources and field recordings, blurring perceptions of the organic/artificial. As a solo artist he is the recipient of the PRS Composers Fund, Jerwood/PRS Take 5, ACE DYCP & Francis Chagrin Composer Award, Gain Trust Award, Hope Scott Trust Award, ECF, ACE and PRSF project grants. Works have been commissioned by BBC Jazz on 3, Late Junction & LUMELab. He has performed throughout the UK and Europe at: Cafe Oto, WOMAD, The Vortex, Union Chapel, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Chalton Gallery, Hackoustic, Great Exhibition of the North, Hundred Years Gallery, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival, UCA, International Festival for Artistic Innovation, The National Museum of Scotland, Music ExMachina festival (Spain) & Trem Azul (Portugal)