This Turing-test competition winner relishes in tricking people into believing computer-created music is human. Read his NIPS 2017 paper on “Generating Black Metal and Math Rock: Beyond Bach, Beethoven, and Beatles“. CJ Carr has participated in 50 hackathons, which is way too many all-nighters drinking tea and coding.

Together with Sean Manton, CJ organized three MTF Telehackathons, inviting hackers in Boston and Cleveland to remotely participate in MTF’s Hack Camp. In 2015 CJ organized Berklee College’s first hackathon, Music Therapy Hack.

In 2016 CJ became CTO and Co-founder of music tech startup CommonEdits and raised over $600k. Their app BlockTune recently won the AT&T; Shape competition.

CJ started playing guitar at age 4. By age 11, he won the Mars Music Jimi Hendrix sound-alike contest, beating older competitors. CJ also develops a vocal technique, blending throat singing with beatbox, in tribal rock band (((::ofthesun::))), which plays in venues as bizarre as a gorilla cage and a 5000-year old sequioa tree. He’s also been commissioned to make multi-genre dance music for a choreographed movement collective. But the music for which he’s best known was actually generated by his bots. Read more about his neural network research with DADABOTS