My name is “Chi ha ucciso il Conte?” (“Who killed the Count?”) and I am a designer specialising in designing electronic musical instruments and components for media arts installations. I usually help artists and musicians in turning a breadboard wrapped with tape into a proper device that can be used during a performance.

My story starts about five years ago at STEIM in Amsterdam, where I began an internship right after my design studies. At that time I was not involved in the art and music scene, what happened is that I was the only one around who properly knew how to work with CAD software, digital fabrication and how to design a proper device.

This combination of competences made my career, and since I could count on a quite big network of clients I decided to stay in Amsterdam and open my own business over there. After a couple of years I got hired by the Waag Society, where I was in charge of keeping the Fab-lab together and working on several design projects. After a few years working in Amsterdam I decided to move back to Italy with my family. I currently live in Venice, where I have my own digital fabrication lab.

Probably the most important value I carry out is that even if I work with artists I am still a designer. I approach my clients in the same way I would approach a chair producer, which means that my research consists in understanding my client’s needs and acting accordingly. My role is to support artists and never try to step over them. The biggest satisfaction for me is to see my instruments traveling and performing even (and especially) when my job is over.

I also firmly believe that all the tools and instruments I use in my work are instruments of liberation for me and for the whole community. I use exclusively open-source software to develop my designs, and I do whatever I can to spread around this way of working.

During my career I was lucky enough to work with many formidable artists. The most intense and challenging project I can remember is probably “Lampirydae”, by Matteo Marangoni and Dieter Vandoren.

Other Instruments that I’m really proud of are the “Strophonion” for Alex Nowitz , “Fello” for Andi Otto and “Light seq” for Kacper Ziemiamin, to see these artists performing with the instruments we made together is the most exciting thing ever…

See you at MTF Stockholm!