Hi I’m Benjaman Schogler, co-founder of Skoogmusic I am passionate about making music creation more accessible to everyone, especially children!

I am keen to explore ideas, concepts and code with MTFers because I know that technology can help us, all of us. And we need help. We need to reconnect with social music making as part of our daily lives. I am a developmental psychologist, musician and entrepreneur.

We founded Skoogmusic to create technology that let’s anyone make music. Our company was born out of research aimed to address the fact that there were no musical instruments designed for children with physical or learning disabilities. Working with kids, teachers and musicians Dr David Skulina (my co-founder) and I created the Skoog, a ground-breaking, tactile musical instrument for everyone, releasing version 1 in back in 2010.

Working with young people with disabilities opened my mind to think differently about music. How we enjoy it, teach it, celebrate with it, share it and most importantly interact with it. I believe that technology can help us rekindle our relationship with active ‘musicing’ and I want to explore this with the community.

At Skoogmusic we are involved in all aspects of creating and commercialising product, software and hardware development, manufacturing process and commercial strategy. We have experience of equity investment, crowd funding, boot strapping and line dancing. Skoog has developed from an education and disability-led innovation into ‘the musical instrument that anyone can play’ that is now available in Apple stores across the world, and we are just about to release a new piece of hardware! So watch this space MTFers we will be bringing some toys to play with.