In this week’s special episode of The Ben Heck Show filmed on location at #MTFBerlin, Ben and the team interviewed, judged - and, in some cases, even joined teams addressing the challenges in the hack camp.
The big winners in the element14 hack camp at #MTFBerlin all used the #MusicBricks toolkit to create their projects. #MusicBricks is a European project that takes cutting edge research from top academic institutions and places in them in the hands of creative developers and makers then supports those ideas to market.

The #MusicBricks toolkit of APIs, GUIs and TUIs provided the hacker teams with a range of powerful, ingenious and simple tools that created for some phenomenal innovation with music and creativity at the centre.

Perhaps best of all, the hack presentations on the Sunday afternoon at #MTFBerlin were more than simply demonstrations of ideas. Teams crafted performances for the main festival stage that brought together top science and high quality artistic expression.

The overall winners of the element14 Grand Prize for Best Hack went to the brilliant team Electronic Jungle, who seamlessly paired element14’s components with the #MusicBricks R-IoT board and wove it into an interactive and otherworldly performance using fashion wearable technologies, animal masks, gesture-driven music and reactive visuals.

Congratulations to Eyal Weisz, Francisca Rocha Gonçalves, Andrew Hlynsky, Stefan Flecke, Maryam Khatoon, Ylenia Gortana, Esther Zahn, Miguel Cabrera and Katariina Nyberg for their incredible #MusicBricks powered project. They’ve won $2500 worth of element14 components, wireless speakers from Sonos and the admiration of their peers.

Bringing new products to market

#MusicBricks projects that were developed in the creative test beds at recent Music Tech Fest events and at Music Hack Day Barcelona, and incubated to commercial prototype, were showcased at the festival to investors, music technology businesses and a wide array of music technology enthusiasts and early adopters at the festival.