The MTF Labs Aveiro Satellites brought together eight universities and research institutions around the world to work together on projects focusing on the theme ‘Just Ocean’. Involving participants from diverse cultures, disciplines and education levels, the Satellites included participants from York University in Toronto, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Arte and Ciencia Bioscénica in Mexico City, Labatier Cymatics in Rio de Janeiro, London College of Communication - University of the Arts in London,  MPLab from Liepaja University in Latvia, Raster-Media in Chemnitz and the Sound and  Music Computing group at the University of Porto. 


York University in Toronto – nD::StudioLab


Coordinators: Ilze Briede, Marcus Gordon, and Filiz Eryilmaz

Large-scale collaborative work: large screens, violinist, petri dishes, data reading off the music, keyboards, interacting with biological specimens under microscope, visual coding to create 3D light structures and networks. Crystal formation in microscopic evironments, cymatic experiments with different oceanographic materials

Post-graduate students: Marcus Gordon, Rory Hoy, Kwame Kyei-Boateng, Grace Grothaus, Lucy Laconon, Filiz Eryilmaz, Ilze Briede [Kavi]. Frank Tsonis

Bioscenica, Art+Science Research Group, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City


Coordinator: Minerva H. Trejo

Instructions in 13 steps to create an Ice core: Register your ice buildup over time; use milk and shells; Water – ice sculptures – melting time-lapse – animation; Musical soundtrack related to the dripping and melting; One block suspended by ropes.

Liepaja University Latvia – MPLab


Coordinators: Paula Vitola, Rogier Jupijn and Ana Priedola

Short art film showcasing the research and experimentation as well as the video and musical creativity. Ocean scenes in glass jars.  UV Lab – black light.

University of the Arts London (UAL) – London College of Communication


Coordinators: Henrietta Ross and Lucy Orr

Students across all education levels: Charis Ng, Justine Chung, Jieyi Zheng, Nosakphol Thokukiatkul, Nihal Nazeer, Sukriti Khurana, Yuqiao Zheng and Yat Shung Tang

Land-water ”boundary” – Un-terrestrializing

  • Made a storyboard of how it would come together

Virtual Exhibition of MTF - VR gallery

  • Ocean Diaries – collected from over 20 ppl Video collage
  • Animated Jellyfish illustration
  • Animated Jellyfish illustration
  • Origins of life montage video: Yat Shung Kan Kevin on the development of the earliest life forms in hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the oceans. LUCA genetic code found in all life forms today. Developments of eyes, legs. All life came from the sea.
  • Pollution illustration
  • Black and white photography series

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