Mentoring :

In collaboration with participating international experts  from the arts and the scienceswe have developed a mentoring program  for the students of the University of Aveiro in order to support the further development of several projects on the ‘Just Ocean’ theme, after the week of collaborations. The mentoring sessions involve structured lectures, reading lists, technical demonstrations, and brainstorming that scaffolds the student’s project development. 


Peter Keen


Peter is a Marine Ecologist, an Environmental Scientist and an Oceanographer with an interest in environmental characterisation through sampling and monitoring. Interested in the interrelationship between biological systems and the physical environment Peter has worked on a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects in the 30 years he has been working in these fields.


    Alexandra Antonopoulou

    Alexandra Antonopoulou is a UK based designer and a Course Leader at the University of the Arts London. Alexandra has also taught design, story-making and immersive environments modules at Goldsmiths and the Royal College of Art.

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