The MTF exclusives featured live inspirational presentations and performances from high-level experts in the United States, Britain, India, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Israel and Sweden as well as international artists and scientists from around the world live on stage at the theatre, in a blend of online video presentations and in-person exclusive VIP talks.

Sofia Crespo and Feileacan McCormick

Sofia Crespo is an artist working with a huge interest in biology-inspired technologies. Her work brings into question the potential of AI in artistic practice and its ability to reshape our understandings of creativity.

Feileacan McCormick is a Norwegian artist, researcher & former architect based in Berlin whose practice meditates on ecology, nature & generative arts, with a focus on giving non-human new forms of presence & life in digital space.



Anya Yermakova: Un-terrestrialising

Anya Yermakova is a composer, sound artist, and historian/philosopher of logic, PhD graduate and Fellow of Harvard.



Ravi Kapur, Dr Shubha Sathyendranath, Dr Thomas Jackson – live from Plymouth UK

Ravi Kapur

Ravi Kapur is a multi-disciplinary producer and social innovator who has worked for 25 years at the interface of media, education, science communication, social policy, technology, the arts and music. He has founded multiple commercial and non-profit ventures in these fields, and is a senior advisor on numerous projects relating to climate change, environmental communications and the role of space technology for social good.

Dr Shubha Sathyendranath

Dr Shubha Sathyendranath is a Senior Scientist and the Head of Remote Sensing and Marine Optics at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and Assistant Director for the Partnership for the Observation of the Global Oceans. Shubha has almost 40 years experience in the field of marine optics and remote sensing of ocean colour.

Dr Thomas Jackson

Dr Thomas Jackson is the Ocean Colour Climate Change Imitative Research Scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the UK. Thomas’s work looks at many aspects of marine biology and optics but his primary focus is on oceanic remote sensing and algal photo-physiology.



Robertina Šebjanič - Aquatocene Art

Robertina uses art to explore the cultural, (bio)political, chemical and biological realities of aquatic environments, which serves as a starting point to investigate and tackle the philosophical questions on the intersection of art, technology and science.



Mónica Pedro - Fish-based materials

Mónica Pedro is an applied researcher with a background in project management for cutting-edge technologies and in fashion. She uses fish skin and local and ecological (non-petrochemical) substances in order to create leathers and textiles. Her work raises discussions about aesthetics, localism, whole-animal use and ecology awareness.



Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutić

Robertina Šebjanič is an internationally awarded artist, whose work revolves around the biological, chemical, political and cultural realities of aquatic environments and explores humankind’s impact on other species and on the rights of non-human entities while calling for strategies emphatic towards other species to be adopted.

Gjino Šutić is a biotechnologist, a postmodern intermedia artist, innovator & educator. He is the founder and director of Universal Research Institute & Gen0 Industries. Gjino conducts research in several fields of science (such as biotechnology, bioelectronics, experimental electronics, ecological engineering) and postmodern new media art, such as bio art, digital art, installation art, multimedia art & hybrid art).


Peter Keen: measuring sound velocity in the oceans

Peter Keen M.Sc, B.Sc, MIMarEST, has been monitoring the environment for over 25 years. Peter has been variously involved in air quality monitoring programmes; conducting coastal and deep sea oceanography; sampling benthic sediments; studying the biota both macroscopically and microscopically; following fresh water as it makes its way through a catchment; and analysing it as it comes out the other end.



Markus Reymann, TBA 21 / Ocean Space - live from Venice

Markus Reymann is Director of TBA21–Academy, a non-profit cultural organization he co-founded in 2011 that fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange surrounding the most urgent ecological, social, and economic issues facing our oceans today. Reymann leads the Academy’s engagement with artists, activists, scientists, and policy-makers worldwide, resulting in the creation of new commissions, new bodies of knowledge, and new policies advancing the conservation and protection of the oceans.



Pablo Torres, COmpass project - live from Berlin

Pablo Torres is an anthropologist and current student of the M.A. Design & Computation at the UdK and the TU in Berlin. Most of his inquiries on sociocultural phenomena are developed and referred to through sonic means, with which he aims to develop diverse ways of understanding such phenomena.


Dan Hill - The Slowdown Papers

Head of Strategic Design at Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, Visiting Professor Eindhoven, RMIT and Bartlett; ex Head of BBC Music, and Head of the Cities Catapult. Author at cityofsound.com



Fransisca Tan

Austrian-based food experience designer with a background as Master in Cognitive Science, communication, media and IT. She sees food as a most basic human experience that connects and enables to access complex structures & concepts such as our sense of identity, traditions & cultures, politics & environment, nutrition and the like, in a playful, multi-sensory and delicate way - one bite at a time.


Marta de Menezes

Marta de Menezes is a Portuguese artist with an MA in Fine Arts, Univ. Lisbon, an MSt in History of Art and Visual Culture, Univ. Oxford, and a PhD candidate, Univ. Leiden. She has been exploring the intersection between Art and Biology, working in research laboratories demonstrating that new biological technologies can be used as new art mediums.



Margarida Mendes

Margarida Mendes’s research explores the overlap between infrastructure, ecology, experimental film, and sound practices, investigating environmental transformations and their impact on societal structures and cultural production. She is interested in exploring alternative modes of education and political resilience through her curatorial practice and activism. She is consultant for environmental NGOs working on marine policy and deep sea mining and has directed several educational platforms.



Vesna Petresin

Transdisciplinary artist and thinker, Artist in Residence, Visiting Lecturer, Master of Film, Netherlands Film Academy, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Visiting Fellow Goldsmiths, University of London, previously Artist-in-Residence with ZKM Center for Art and Media, Vesna earned her PhD for research on temporal composition in architecture, art and music.



Mordechai Braunstein, Cymagic – live from Reihan, IsraelStanza - The Emergent City

Mordechai Braunstein is an installation artist, artepreneur and digital marketer with specific expertise in music events and festivals. In the Covid hiatus co-created a social movement - men speaking against sexual violence.



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