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Interactive Cork Interface: The Musgos Project

Musician Tiago Margaça from Aveiro spent many years in Berlin where he founded his experimental post-prog-rock/art-punk-jazz band Musgos before returning to Aveiro to pursue a PhD in Sculpture and Fine Art.

Mechanical engineer, lighting designer and musician André Maia lives in Barcelona even though he is from Aveiro. MTF Labs were the reason for him to travel back to Aveiro.

Portuguese electronic sound designer and instrument maker Rui Carvalhos (aka Ruido) has been London-based for many years before returning to Aveiro during Covid.

The three Aveiro-born artists and engineers teamed up during MTF Labs. Even though they were all born in Aveiro, they had never met before. Their aim was to combine technology with natural materials found in and around the Laguna de Aveiro.

Working with electronic capacitive paint supplied by MTF Labs partners Bare Conductive and the natural materials of the region, the team created an instrument that uses local sounds recorded in Aveiro, triggered by touching ancient cork that had circuitry applied using the conductive paint.

The controlling microboard and componentry were embedded in local stone schist to connect the technology with the environment, allowing for the creation of literally ‘electronic rock music’ in a very engaging loud and visceral performance.

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