Hi to a new family 🙂 My name is Arghavan Agida.

As a singer and author, I have reached out to thousands of women around the world and have found the internet to be a wonderful tool to communicate and send messages of courage and inspiration. I am also the founder of Creative Changemakers. My life experiences have shaped who I am today – leaving my native Iran, moving to Sweden and seeking out and listening to the stories of women who stayed behind in oppressed countries. For the past six years I have been using all the power I have in my freedom to be their voices in creative ways.

My journey began when I participated in one of the biggest Persian Music competitions in London, “Googoosh Music Academy”. The show was broadcast worldwide by satellite and had around 32 million viewers. It also allowed me to reach out to women all around the world. But the ones that touched my heart the most were the stories about women in Iran. I realized the importance of hearing and sharing women’s voices. I put down the mic and started to work with creative ways to highlight their stories

I published the book ZAN in 2014 together with nine women in Iran. ZAN is about how to live like a woman in Iran and, despite all the obstacles, to follow your dreams. I’m also making a documentary about girls who want to become singers in Iran but are still forbidden to reach theirs dreams because some forms of art are still limited in Iran.

My latest project, Artdom, is about understanding and bringing awareness to women’s rights as well as women’s freedom of expression, mainly through cooperation in the form of art. By crossing cultural boundaries and building bridges across two countries, Sweden and Iran, the women involved in this project have managed to achieve strong ties and create an amazing level of empowerment. This exhibition got banned in Iran and so did I.

So now my goal is to amplify the voices of more artists from around the world who cooperate together, and in 2020 have a larger Artdom exhibition where all artists that have participated will gather in one place.

I’m really looking forward to meet a lot of crazy creative changemakers soon!